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More info on the Phyla: Angels-Virtues

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default More info on the Phyla: Angels-Virtues

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:16 pm


"According to Francine, the first phylum to emerge from creation was the one known simply as the Angels...mostly appear to be very tall...radiate the love and glory of the Holy Spirit and, like all angels, are androgynous in appearance, not showing any gender..."

"They appear in a manifestation of pure, brilliant, white light...which emanates from their white, silver-tipped wings to reveal the outline of a beautiful being inside..."

"...symbol is the sun, indicating their brilliance, and their jewel is the pearl, which signifies the white color of purity...totem is a seagull..."

"...with a population of countless trillions, there are far more Angels then any other category, making them the most likely phylum to enter our lives..."

"...Angels are the ones who stand guard around us at night...the Angel's primary purpose is protection...Angels do have great power. They can move objects, jerk steering wheels, lift cars--and they do all these things with molecular disbursement..."

"...Angels are also the Phylum that protects children..."

"...Each of us has our own individual Angels. Once we, all upon them, they're assigned to us right away, and they don't leave our sides during our lifetime. Francine says that she's even seen some people who got so attached to their Angels in this lifetime that, after they crossed over, they just continued walking around on the Other Side with their whole band of Angels..."

"...Although Angels don't speak, they're telepathic. They can hear our voices and they can read our thoughts--but only if we give them permission...if we allow our Angels to read our minds, then we can call on them at any time without verbalization..."

"...When we speak to Angels, our guides hear it too. Conversely, if we talk to our guides, our Angels also hear..."

"...Angels are both watchful and perceptive; they constantly keep their gaze fastened on us. They notice every quirk, every flick of an eyelash, every twitch of a nose. [They have been known to alert our guides to a something they notice us doing]..."


"...Their symbol or element is rain, which signifies the cleansing and healing they do. Their jewel is the aquamarine, whose blue color matches the tips of their otherwise white wings and signifies tranquility and the all emcompassing sky..."

"...Their totem or anima is the wolf...We can call on the Archangels to send messages to other angels or another person...Archangels, like the Angels and all the other phyla, are facilitators. They're the embodiment of God's love, and they're here because God knows that it's important for us to be surrounded by these celestial messengers..."

"...not only do Archangels carry messages, they're also instruments of healing. When summoned, Archangels arrive swiftly. In fact, Francine says that they sometimes come in with a bang! They don't sweep the other angels away, but when an Archangel appears, all the other angels show a deep respect..."

"...Archangels carry what Francine describes as the baton or scepter of healing. An Archangel's baton comes from a gorgeous, emerald-green pond inside the Hall of Wisdom, an orientation center on the Other Side. When someone is in a bad situation and requests their help, the Archangels pick up their beautiful green batons from the almost crystal-like water, and carry them straight to that person...They're always so happy when a healing takes place--not because of pride, but because a mission has gone well...If the baton doesn't turn dark, that means there's nothing the Archangel can do..."

"...As tragic as it may sound, the person (or someone working on his or her behalf) must ask for Archangels to intercede. Francine has known of a few Archangels wo helped people because Azna, the Mother God, directed them to do so...So, anytime you want to facilitate a healing for on the Archangels..."

"...Archangels can be called upon to heal specific areas. If we're terribly depressed, we can ask for the Archangel to come and put the baton on our heads. If we're broken-hearted, we can ask for the baton to be put at our hearts...We can also ask the Archangels to put their batons on our children for any illness they may have...and, we shouldn't hesitate to call upon the Archangels for any mental or emotional healing we might need..."

"...they can do one more thing as well. They can take us out of our bodies and take us away on an astral trip...just remember to call on the Archangels anytime you want to send a message, ask for healing, or need a little hope..."

Cherubim & Seraphim

"...Their element is music, and although some people might not think of music as an element of nature, we need to remember that nature makes its own music...."

"...The anima for both these Phyla is the canary, which relates directly to their main purpose of being God's heavenly choir..."

"...Their stone, quartz, signifies all the different refractions of the tones and vibrations in their music..."

"...Cherubim are slightly larger in stature then Seraphim, but both have huge, broad, snowy white wings with rose-colored tips. Their wings stand high above their heads and fold down closer to their bodies than the wings of the case of Cherubim and Seraphim, their rose-colored wing tips represent love..."

"...The only distinction between the two phyla is that Cherubim have a signing ability, while Seraphim have a vibrational and tonal ability. The melding of the two in song is not only inspirational, but produces music that is out of this world in its beauty, harmony, and sound..."

"...Cherubim and Seraphim were created to sing--and oh, what singing! On the Other Side, their primary purpose is to stand in the spectacular structure known as the Hall of Voices and sing, filling the atmosphere every day with the joy and happiness of their music..."

"...The vibrations and tonal qualities of the Cherubim and Seraphim's music are more than just beautiful and inspiring; they can also be used for healing..."

The Powers

"...Like Archangels, the fifth phylum of angels, the Powers, have healing as their primary function. Unlike Archangels though, the Powers don't need a sceptar or green-orbed baton to facilitate healing. In fact, the Powers don't use artifacts of any kind; they bring only themselves, using their beautiful wings to form a protective canopy around the person who needs their healing abilities..."

"...Powers are large in size, even to the point of being huge..."

"...The Powers' totem is the falcon, whose swiftness and perserverance emulates the Powers' created purpose..."

"...Their element is the moon...signifying the female or motherly aspect..."

"...The Powers' stone is the emerald, which, like the Archangel's baton, radiates the healing color of green. Powers' wing tips are also a greenish white, with what we perceive as a blue electrical flame shooting out..."

"...When we call on the Powers, they not only shelter us with their canopy of wings, they give off an electrical or magnetic emanation that goes directly into our bodies and acts as a healing force..."

The Carrions

"...No other group of angels does what the Carrions do. The sixth phylum of angels carries away the dark entities when they die. Dark entities are the ones that separated from God in he beginning of creation. Nobody touches dark entities except the Carrions, who literally grab them and escort them to their one holding place in God's creation..."

"...A Carrion's only mission is to stand very far back until a dark entity is ready to pass over at death..." [Note: This would imply then that no dark entity ever gets to stick around as a ghost or wandering spirit]

"...Carrions were created as a protection for other entities, both in our world and on the Other Side. They're the reason dead evil entities don't roam the earth...the Carrions don't let dark entities stay around..."

"...As soon as dark entities take their last breath, Carrions actually jump on them, with the most loving of care, holding them tightly and securely but hurrying as fast as they can to the holding place. There's no stopping, no looking back, no hesitation of any kind. They're all business, and yet they do their jobs in a loving manner..."

"...If a dark entity has dropped or died, all the angels and guides step back and make a path for the Carrions to enter...everything stops, everything becomes deadly still on the Other Side until the Carrions get that dark soul and whisks it away..."

"...There is, however, one instance in which a white entity can call on the Carrions for help. If we want a dark entity to be kept away from us, we can call on the Carrions to blanket them from us..."

Some other things about Carrions; Their totem is the Raven and their stone is the opal. They have orange tip white wings. Their only reason for being is to watch and carry away dark entities and keep them away from the rest of us.

The thing that is intriuging to me about Carrions are when God finally absorbs all the Dark entities into the uncreated mass, what will become of the Carrions?


"...The Seventh phylum of angels, the Virtues, are represented by the dove--signifying peace, love, and the Holy Spirit of communication from both Father and Mother God. Their stone, silver, is reflected in the color of their wings..."

"...The Virtues primary purpose is helping us with our charts, those blueprints for our lives here on Earth that we create on the Other Side before we're born into an incarnation. The element of the Virtues is water, signifying flexibility and change (which is what they do with our charts if necessary)..."

"...How the Virtues Help with our Charts...the Virtues primarily help us with our charts before we incarnate. Just before we enter this life, we go into isolation for meditation and a final review of what to accomplish. This is the time when the Virtues come to the foreground, helping us look over our charts one last time. No one disturbs us in this isolation process except the Virtues, who you might say are the sentinals at the portals of entry into an incarnation. They're not involved with setting up our charts from the beginning; we do that with our spirit guides and the Council..."

"...The Virtues, unlike our spirit guides or any other phylum of angels, have the power to alter our charts without going to the Council for approval..."

"...Virtues wouldn't add or delete any major points, but they certainly could modify them..."

"...The Virtues are the last creation of God that we normally see before we incarnate, and they communicate both Father and Mother God's love for us as we begin our journey..."

"...Normally, the Virtues don't descend or appear here on Earth. Their function is to help us on the Other Side before we come into this life. However, they (as well as the Dominions and some of the other phyla) will meet us at the end of the tunnel when we return to the Other Side..."

"...Virtues usually line the tunnel when a person of great spiritual ability passes over--not because the person is so elevated, but to show respect for the entity and what he or she has gone through in life. Virtues are the only Phya who form a line in the tunnel, where their bright, luminous glow helps provide some of the light people often describe. Once we get through the tunnel, though, we'll see Thrones, Principalities, Dominions, and all the other angel phyla..."

From Sylvia's Book of Angels
originally posted on GSB by RPGnostic

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default Re: More info on the Phyla: Angels-Virtues

Post by d-knots on Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:24 pm

thank you, Jen, this is for you, Like a Star @ heaven, a soothing blue star.

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