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Some more definitions

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default Some more definitions

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 02, 2008 4:33 pm

You Are Psychic! Discover Your Psychic Type

The idea of the "psychic type" was recently redefined and clarified by Sherrie Dillard in a book called Discover Your Psychic Type. Sherrie Dillard is a famous psychic who has been featured on many television shows for her predictions of the future and her ability to tell things about people and places simply by holding an object.

Her theory is that there are four basic types when it comes to psychic abilities and that there are four different ways to approach the entire matter of psychic or intuitive energy. The four different types are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature.

This is how it the four different psychic types are defined in a nutshell:

The Emotional Intuitive

If you are emotionally intuitive, then you are the type of psychic who has "feelings" about things. You rely a lot on your gut feelings to guide you through life. You may feel anger, sadness, or extreme joy without really knowing why. You may be quite aware that you experience emotions without triggers and feel at times like you are going crazy. You are not. You are just deeply in tune with the feelings of others. Formal training as a psychic can help keep you in check so that you do not alarm others with your behaviors. Many emotional intuitive are mistaken for manic depressives or as individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder when in reality they are the famed extra-sensitive Indigo children grown up to maturity.

The Mental Intuitive

If you are a mental intuitive, then you pick up psychic energy through what you know and see. You may be very analytical and put two very different situations together to come up with a form of prophecy. You are excellent when it comes to determining the motivations of others and may see coincidences and symbolism that is not apparent to others. This type of psychic often becomes excellent at reading Tarot cards and can sometimes even parlay it into a career.

The Physical Intuitive

If you are a physical intuitive, you relate to psychic energy through touching things. This type of talent is called psychometric. You may have the ability to hold an object and also get psychic impressions from it that way. Just holding someone's hand may give you all kinds of psychic impressions or you may able to just know something about someone who is deceased by holding an object that was owned by the dead person. Many psychics who can pick up vibrations from things become forensic experts who can tell what happened to a child who went missing or how a person was murdered simply by holding on to the object.

The Spiritual Intuitive

If you are a spiritual intuitive, it means that you become psychic through the process of attunement. This means being in sync with angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters through rituals, prayers and meditations. This practice is a little more formal, but also one of the safest ways to practice being psychic. The spiritual intuitive is also clairsentient, which means they know things without exactly knowing way.

Of course, you can be more talented in one way than another or your psychic skills can be a mix of two, three, or even all four of these types.

If you are just beginning to develop your psychic powers, the easiest thing to do is develop the skill that you are best at first. For instance, if you are clairaudient, begin by holding objects as that is the best way for a physical intuitive to hone their perceptions.

If you are a mental intuitive, you might try reading poetry because like poets, mental intuitive see congruencies and ironies where they do not necessarily exist.

Hearing voices is called clairaudience. The emotional psychic can hone clairaudient skills by listening to music. Music, in essence, can be described as controlled emotion and it can be a medium through which you can access psychic impressions. Chanting is also a way for this type of intuitive to sharpen his or her intuitive powers.

The spiritual intuitive often benefits from learning prayers, studying Feng Shui, and simply studying occult and religion in general.

In her book, Dillard provides visualizations and meditations that can be practiced by each type to enhance their skills. In this book, she also teaches you how to recall your initial experience with psychic phenomena so you can determine the type of psychic that you are.

The classic skills as they have been defined since the Victorian age are as follows:

Astral Projection - The ability to leave one's body and travel in spirit to another location.

Aura Reading - The ability to see life force in the form of colored light around a person or an object.

Automatic Writing - Writing mindlessly to let spirits or the subconscious mind express itself.

Channeling - This is the ability to host spirits or energies in your body, mind or soul so that they can express messages to us.

Clairaudience - This is the ability to hear the spirit world. What is said is silent to others as it is heard inside the mind.

Clairvoyance - The ability to see the future or that which is hidden.

Dowsing - Also known as "water witching," this is a technique where a forked wand is used to locate lost objects. Traditionally, it was used to locate lost objects.

Intuition -This is the experience of developing direct knowledge or cognition without rational thought or interference.

Precognition - This is the official term to describe those who simply "know the future."

Psychometry - This describes the ability to pick up psychic vibrations from an object that is held. The object could reveal a great deal about its owner.

Pyrokinesis - The ability to start fires with one's mind.

Telepathy - The ability to communicate mind-to-mind with another.

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default Re: Some more definitions

Post by d-knots on Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:19 pm

this is good info Jen
love it
thanks much
the info is useful Basketball

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