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well are we ready for this perdiction

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default well are we ready for this perdiction

Post by samijo on Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:52 pm

I see deep snows this year! (in the heart land and surrounding area)
I also see things shutting down because we are not prepared for the deep snows around here and the kids will have to go to school well into the spring. power lines down.
I also see more murders and crime.
I also see change coming the spring. This change is in our enviroment. Like more earth quakes. These will be felt more than the ones this year. The closer it comes to 2010 they will get worse and more often.
I see a valcano coming alive that has been dorm. for sometime in hawaii islands.
I do see there are more virus's and sickness that are intentional brought into this and other countries. From those who want to cause the destuction of humankind. (man made sicknesses)
these are my perdictions thus far!

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