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Hurricane IKE

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default Hurricane IKE

Post by samijo on Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:32 am

First off I would like to ask God to bless all those affect by the hurricane!
I live in st. louis mo! I thought well we live on high elevation and the flooding would not bother me as far as the rivers ...flooding!
Well, the rivers didnt get us but omg, the rain fall did. We have a low lying property that is pretty large and all the properties around us is higher and the water drains into our yard. We are the only ones with a basement around here. affraid
Well, I never realized what would happen in this much rain before cause we never seen so much rain so fast. Our basement flooded when water started coming into the windows...yes...just rolling in. The pumps (2) could not get it out fast enough. We were working so hard to get it out of the basement. THEN THE POWER WENT OUT. OMG!
The neighbor has a generator gas and was going to run us some power so that we could pump the water but there wasn't enough power to run the pumps. What to do..they finally got it working and after some prayers to God and budin the winds calmed and the rain stopped and the basement was saved. My husband was running around out in this pounding rain trying this best to save us. The neighbor is a captain in the national guard and so I guess we could say we had the help of the national guard to help us. lol cheers
With no power and a mother in law with alzheimers was saying "continuously!!!" TURN THE TV ON....COME ON NOW TURN IT ON!!! I CANT HEAR IT TURN IT UP...HAHHAHA...I only could quite her down with cookies...hahhaha...thank god for cookies...
My husband and I played cards until the power came back on.

My heart and prayers goes out there to all that has suffered from these storms! Many lost their lives, homes and jobs.
We all need to send our love and prayers to all those people.
God bless us all!!!!! Big Group Hug

Leo Dragon
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default Re: Hurricane IKE

Post by in2wish4everpeace on Mon Sep 15, 2008 2:12 pm

Many prayers go out by those affected by Ike.

Saw some photos, of the storm blasted out almost all of the windows of a tall high rise building.

Lots of damage in Houston.

Aquarius Goat
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