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Gene's Blown Away!!!

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default Gene's Blown Away!!!

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 24, 2008 8:42 pm as ya'all may know, Gene's never been one to completely buy into spirituality and God, like I have. But, he's come a lot farther than when were first got together. But this validation still has him blinking and speechless! Shocked

So, he's been struggling between going for a promotion to running the Sears photo studio or going out on his own. This is something that's been dwelling on him for the past two years (heavily). Well, now the manager at Sears has put in her two-weeks notice, and the District Manager has contacted Gene, done a phone interview, and had him go through all the protocol that's needed to be promoted, but he doesn't know for sure if he will be. But, at the same time, since all of that has taken place, he's really been struggling with the desire and passion to open his own. I've told him that all he should do is follow his heart, and that if it wasn't in his chart to happen, than he wouldn't want his own studio so badly and this strongly. So, this past tuesday, he was taking me to work, and he asked me, "If one was going to write a 'letter' to God, how would one go about doing so?" Knowing him as well as I do (better than i know myself) I knew exactly where he was going with I told him, "Honey, all I know is that all you have to do is sit down, write Mother Azna a very detailed letter, and ask Her to help you come to a decision as to what to do."

Well, he thought that was "too much." So, I told him, "Fine! Then you just simply say a small prayer, and ask Mother Azna that if you're to open your own studio within a year, then that evening someone would come into Sears and ask him for a session with him outside of Sears." (he was going to work after dropping me off) This was at 2pm.

At 5pm, he calls me at work, and says, "I'm still in shock!" Not knowing what he was talking about, i asked him. Then, he tells me, "After I dropped you off at work, I said a prayer, asking Mother Azna that if I was to open my own studio in two months, than please let me have someone come into the studio tonight, and ask me for a session outside the studio (sears)." then he tells me, "And my 5 o'clock appointment just left, and she asked me if i would do a session with her and her family in the city park."

I told him, "Honey, if this doesn't prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt in Father and Mother God, nothing ever will! You couldn't get a better validation, than if God Himself or Herself came down here, and marched up to you and said, 'Yeah! Do it!'" I mean, I've had several validations from Father and Mother God, but it doesn't matter how many times it happens, you still get taken back from the power and energy of such spiritual thing! Now, he's constantly asking me, "How do I ask Mother Azna what to do now?"
And I told him, "The same way as before."
Which he replies, "I don't wanna piss her off." Giggle
I told him, "First of all, get that out of your head! You can never annoy or aggrivate Mother or Father God. That's a human characteristic!" And then I told him one of my favorite Sylvia's sayings: "Do you think that God gets tired of hearing prayers? Do you think that God says, 'I am so sick of hearing from Sylvia!' You can bombard the heavens with prayer! The minute that you make God into a mean, nasty, hateful God you're gonna make yourself sick!"
Which his reply is, " does that mean I can ask Her another question?" Duh! LROF
My man... Giggle thank God he's beatiful!

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default Re: Gene's Blown Away!!!

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:31 pm

confetti stars YAY!! for Gene!
hmm...I wonder does Mother only listen to the beautiful people?? LOL.
I know the answer, but dang sometimes it seems that way.
Anyways...i'm glad he is starting to believe some.

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default Re: Gene's Blown Away!!!

Post by on Mon Jul 28, 2008 10:55 pm

NIce! one step at a time. you don't want him overwhelmed.. Smile

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default Re: Gene's Blown Away!!!

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