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God will bless you by pledging your money

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default God will bless you by pledging your money

Post by samijo on Sun Jul 20, 2008 9:40 am

This is a really tuff subject for me
as I have told everyone before
of my feelings on the money.
I do believe
that we need to not worry about the money.
I also believe
if you help others through sharing money or kindness of any kind
that it does come back to us.
Now, worrying about money
is the hardest thing not to do.
I must say
that if you work hard and believe that
this is charted that you are to experience
and you will survive
then it will be.
Why do we do this to ourselves,
well we must of thought it was something that we must perfect through
or it would never happen. Right!

as far as
throwing your moneys in a basket at the gather of a service.
This is entirely up to the person.
I don't believe in that
I think that you pay for your bills
then if you see a child that needs new shoes or clothes go buy them
and give them to that child or person.
Do not give cash to people.
If someone, is having a hard time
buying groceries or gas buy some for them.
Just do acts of kindness with the money.
You make that decission with your money where it goes.
Then it doesnt go somewhere to support someone that has a pot full of gold
and those poor souls doing with out is still doing without.
You are the one that picks who it goes too.

It is your money your work made it.
It should be your decission where it goes to help people.

I dont see these big ole churches and preachers out there wearing all those expensive suits on tv getting that money to support their life style.
Come on now,
you and I both have seen it.
Where is that money going,
well it is going to a nonprofit org.
that doesnt pay taxes for them to get fatter.
This just burns me up
and I will drag out that soap box and get up on it everytime!
This is not what that money should be used for.
It doesnt take someone in designer clothes or a huge building to put on television the sermon.
Millions of dollars!
I have heard these people get on TV saying that if you want to make your money grow
you must call in and pledge that money to.........! whatever!
while you are sitting there wondering
if the electric bill would be paid for this month
so that you can watch the tv sermon.
Come on now!
Why could you just pay your bill and take just a couple of dollars and buy someone a cup of coffee and share the love.
Invite someone to dinner that would not have a dinner other wise!

God doesn't care
what we wear on these bodies,
God doesn't count that money in those baskets in church,
God isn't going to count money that you make.
Now think about what is going on in this world.
The rich is getting richer off of the poor.
If the truth would be told
the rich is taking from those
who believe and making profit for themselves
from the poors money.
They are not giving up their moneys.
Now are they.
If they were
we would all be the same...
there would be equal moneys for everyone
and there would be health care for us all,
food and all the needs met by all of us,
not just the wealthy people in this world.

Step outside the thinking of the world today,
and step in to the spiritual world of loving and growing in this world.
Share the love in any way that is presented to you.
It isn't about the moneys that you give,
and when there is a hand out
watch that persons intentions.
For it is better to give to someone who has their hands
in their own pockets
I believe.
There is too much focus on moneys.
Every thing is cash!
Money is the ruler of all!
how ridiculas is that!
We could not exist without the money.
But we can.
In the beganning
as we know it there was no moneys.
Everyone made it through their journeys.
I do believe
it needs to regress back
to a day that people took care of one another
and grew their own food and traded with each other.
It seemed that people were so happy then and close.
Of course there was always those who wanted to not work but to steal from the others that did.
I guess that will always be.

I am saying with all of this,
do what is in your heart and minds with your money.
Because, money isnt God's concern at all.
Yes! in this world to day money is necessary,
it is just a fact.
But what I am saying, when you get the money from working so hard
dont just hand it over to a basket in the church.
This is not what God wants, what is wanted is to do the best good with that moneys.
To those that actually need it.
We know where that moneys goes when it gets in the basket. Look around you,
look at those big churches
look at those people wearing designer clothes
do you think is it is free to get on television?
Do you think that electric bill in that church is free?
Where did your moneys go?
Well it is supporting a building that you do not sleep or eat in.
that is not there to house all the people that support it.
Do you think that the ones that collect that money
is worrying about their bills being met from one month to another?
Come on now.
Just be care and do not let people confuse you by saying that God needs this money.
God needs your love and experiencing of that love for one another.
This is all.
Put your money where it can do the most good.
Churches are formed so that we can gather
so we can support each other spiritually..
each and every one that enters that building not just a few, but each and everyone.
Some people get really upset cause they dont give the 1/3 of their moneys...what the heck is that.
come one now.
We are too focused on this cash.
If someone would bring some food into a church and give it to those who have none what would the preacher think? hum...
it would be unexceptable.
but that would be all you wouldnt make a bit of difference
it would not meet the standards of acceptance do you think?
I have a problem with this and so should all of us ....

Honestly! tell me your thoughts on this.
How do you give?
What do you give?
and why do you give.
Then after you give what do you do?
do you wonder when it is going to come back to you since you gave?
Do you wonder how your are going to pay the bills since you gave that money?
Do you think well if I hadnt given that money I could get some gas to go to work to make some money to pay the bills?
do you wonder if the preacher is worrying about their bills being paid?

Are you worrying about your moneys.
Turn it over to God.
This does not mean put it in a basket..It means use it in love.
Just as I said earlier.
You have extra money pay a bill for someone, but some food for someone, by a tank of gas for someone.
This is what God see's this is how the wealth will come back to you.
Trust me on that.
You and I both know this is the true meaning of giving.
Have a wonderful day and until the next time I love you all.

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default Re: God will bless you by pledging your money

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 18, 2008 4:04 pm

Honestly, when I was a kid, I never could understand why my parents would put money in the collection plate every Sunday. Even as a kid, I wondered what God was going to do with all that money. No where in the Bible, Torah, or any other religious text says that God wants money! In fact, when you actually read about Christ entering the temple, made it abundantly CLEAR exactly what He thought about money and God. First, He called the priests "Money Changers!" and tossed the collection plates into the floor. And you know, every time I see a collection plate or see a televangelist asking for a "donation" I always remeber what Christ said after tossing those collection plates onto the floor, "Render unto Caesar, all that which is Caesar's. Render unto God, all the things that are God's." It amazes me that every church may not agree about the same "details" when it comes to God and us, but they will NEVER miss handing out those collection plates. Because, after all, God needs our money to spend on WHAT!?!! confused

When I grew up, and got a little wiser than I was when I was a kid, I begin to watch when we'd go to church, and see that those collection plates are passed out EVERY SINGLE TIME! Communion wasn't offered half as much as those plates. My dad told me, that we're supposed to pay Tything, because we're supposed to give a tenth of what we make to the Lord, to show our appreciation. To this day, I still cannot understand why God would want money to show our appreciation. If we go to Him with all the problems in our lives, the best way there is to show our appreciation is to pay Him??!!? That almost makes God sound like a lawyer or accountant? Or worse, like a Hooker!?!?! Really Confused Thinking What amazes me, is when my dad also told me that the money that he and my mother gave every Sunday, went to help pay the preacher. So, naturally, I wanted to get a ride in the preacher's shiny, purty Lincoln, since my parents helped to pay for it! You know, I never did get to take a ride in that care. Besides the fact that the preacher was also a Tobacco farmer--hello, the Body is a Temple unto the Lord...why not grow tobacco for people to smoke, right?!?!?!
But we're not really talking about hypocrasy, as much as we are talking about the financial profits that the churches are making from fear.

And really, that's what it all comes down to. Just like that old song, "And she's buying a stairway to Heaven." How close to the fricking truth is that!?!?!? Because, when you really stop and look at it, everytime you toss a dollar into those collection plates, people are trying to buy their stairway to Heaven. Trying to purchase their Season Pass to The Other Side.

Which really gets on my nerves, when people say to me, "Adam, you know that that Sylvia Browne is the False Prophet!" Which I so calmly reply, "Okay, I respect your opinion, but if you ask me, the only 'false prophet' I know for a fact, is all the money that churches make from selling fear to their congregations." Which usually makes them either mad as hell or ready to argue with me. And being the poop head that I am, I always add, "Oh, and by the way, Sylvia's never asked me for a dime. How much does your preacher ask for every Sunday?"
Also, when they mention Sylvia as the False Prophet, I also respond with, "Really?!? That makes sense since Sylvia's never asked me for a dime, and has stated repeatedly not to take her word for anything, read and research, and find out the truth for ourselves! Instead of being told what to believe by someone who stands at a pulpit every Sunday."

It's like Sylvia says about tything. "I don't believe in tything, do you know that? Whenever we pass around the offering plates, we always say, 'If you don't have it, take it out.' Why should you have to pay someone else who's on the same level as you. Just because I'm sitting here talking to you, that doesn't mean that I'm not walking the same walk as you."

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default Re: God will bless you by pledging your money

Post by samijo on Mon Aug 18, 2008 4:17 pm

Amen Adam! Amen!
God wants payment not in dollars and cents but out of kindness and love. Not to be noticed but that acts of kindness only you and God knows that it came from you. This is the riches to God. One little thing that we must do here is to learn how to perfect through LOVE. Love is the only real treasure that we can have.

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default Re: God will bless you by pledging your money

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