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Lifes Purpose

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default Lifes Purpose

Post by samijo on Sun Jun 01, 2008 12:21 pm

In the beginning we enter into the darkness of earth.
All white entities come down in a white column of light.
All dark entities come down in darkness.
Our main purpose is to battle the darkness and to help others combat the darkness.
This means to get this darkness AWAY from us and AWAY from the ones you love.
Keep it out of the circle. To perfect actually is to survive.
Not to give up but to make it through this life here on earth.
One can not numb them selves through life. We must be aware,
if a person isn't aware, their life will be longer so that they can perfect through.
If this mean they will have to come back in and do it all over. It is the same as
suicide. Yes, ignoring lifes purpose to be on drugs or alcohol is to ignore, leaving before
the life purpose is completed the same as ending ones life early, to leave to ignore.
Suicides are spirits that come into fast into this life. They pasted threw being orientated, or scanning and coccooning if necessary.
They do not listen to others, and what happen is they come right back in.
I have heard all my life to serve God is to serve and do good for others. To find God is within yourself and that
is to do good through others. Acts of kindness.
Going to church every Sunday, Saturday or Wednesdays, what ever the day, making an appearance giving the money and think you have served God.
HELLO, that is not what God had in mind at all. It doesnt matter to GOD, where you gather or if you do, it doesnt matter to GOD how much
money you give. For what this purpose is about can not be bought with money and appearances.
Do the acts of kindness and see how much God likes that. The Grace of God will come to you.
Believe me when I tell you this.
Doing these acts of kindness is the way we fight the darkness.
When we gather two or more in an act of kindness this is the church, the light become brighter and God's love is apparent.
For there is strength that comes for us to survive the darkness that is here on earth.
The forum is a church, the study groups are a church. A friend going to another friend to offer love and kindness is a church. Not a buildings that people have spent millions, thousands of dollars to build..just think where that money could of gone, to help someone here in these days
of hard times. Look how many of that congergation could have a tank of gas to go to work or to visit others in need.
Look at how many people could get an education with that money, but instead there is a magnifacent building that houses some benches. hum...what is wrong with this picture?
I beleive in affirmations..these affirmations puts positive thought within our subconscious minds that protect of from negative.
So please keep up with the affirmations. They do not have to be read from a book or some great author to come up with what to say.
They are simple. Just tell yourself I am a good person that wants to do good. I will do this today and every day of my life here on earth.
It needs to come from you. Something positive. Keep the postive flowing within. The darkness can put worries and all kind of dark thoughts into your minds. Trust me on that. Do not let that happen. This is what the darkness is here for. The most powerful tool to use when darkness comes into your mind is call on a friend and let them bring the light of love to you and good not stay locked away inside your home or locked up inside your mind where there are negative thoughts. Come out of that place and go to the light.
For when you come to the light the love will purify your soul.
To purify your soul will cleanse your mind.
Now many people believe they are on their last life here. They may be but I do not believe this. I will tell you why I do not.
I believe that we may want this to be the last time we come into the darkness to survive through. Here is why I think that we will
come back again and again.
When we go over to the other side and we are in pure perfection, perfect environment that it is a state of narvona, complete bliss. We sit infront of the scanner and our charts and we look at it seeing how we struggled through things and times of our lives on earth, and we think.
Why on earth was that so hard for us to do. Why could we not see the simplisity of this.
Well I am going to go back and do it right this time. AND WHY DO WE THINK AND LONG TO DO IT RIGHT? because we want to become more spiritual becoming more spiritual will get us closer to God to Perfection. DOESNT THAT MAKE SINCE. When you are in a perfect setting and perfect mind set. we want to continue to perfect to get closer to God. SO WE COME BACK OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. then when we get
here we say why in God's name did I do this again? That is when we enter back into the darkness. It is unbelievable. hahha.
Now just think we do this even through the life here on earth dont we? Ok when we are at a younger age we do something, we screw up, as we get older and the same decission has to be made that we made at a younger age and screw up we think this time I will do it right! DONT WE? THIS IS THE SAME THING WE DO ON THE OTHER SIDE.
This is why we are called WARRIORS! We do not give up. We strive from PERFECTION! It is in our nature our souls for we are a spark of the Divine. Do you see? WE ARE A SPARK OF THE DIVINE. That Spark is why we strive for perfection. With that being said ...have a wonderful day I love you and so does GOD....

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