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My relationship with God

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default My relationship with God

Post by samijo on Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:39 pm

Our relationship with God.

What kind of relationship do we have with God!
The word “God” that I label is that of the Universal Mind, that of the Creator of All.
I use the word God for lack of another.
To me that word means all Goodness, Perfections, No limitations in existences as we know it and as we don’t know.
The conception reaches far past the limitations of this human mind.
I think everyone is trying to reach out further and further to grasp more than ever before.

So dealing with what I have got up to this point of my life
here is my relationships that I have had with God
for there has been many in different phases of my life.
I am not that much different than any one else.

As I child I heard many words to define God.
I heard that Jesus Christ was God.
I also heard this names being God, such as, Jehovah,
so on, but you know those are just names,
words that we have formed.
God created us
but man created language.

But really the word or the name isn’t what this is all about is it?
It is about the relationships we have had and have with God.
I was raised that we should fear God
for if you didn’t not do just as the “Bible “ states in it
that you would be damned
to the fiery pit below where all the demons and the devil lives in HELL.
I cant imagine why anyone would tell people that.
But you know we have all experienced that kind of belief from someone that has been in our life.
Then they turn around and say GOD IS PERFECT ALL LOVING.
This can not be right.
It just doesn’t make since to me.
So I guess at a young age I was frightened of God.
Honestly I think this is where we get fear though out our lives.
This is where it came from, people telling us that you fear God, so if you fear God you also fear any one that has any high archey right.
See what has been done?

Ok so
as I got older hell I was so confused by my teenage years I just knew that there was something out there that was good for there was beauty in the world.
No one bad could have created such beauty.
Teenager do or did not think that much about God,
it was all about boys or girls and what was going on materially or emotionally.
As a young adult, I did a lot of praying to God.
To show me the way.
So I guess God had become someone to go to when I was in trouble, big problems, for the little problems I should not bother God with.
There were more worse off than me I should only ask when it was major problems.
This is what I had been taught.
I felt when all else failed call up on God to help you out.
Or when something great and exciting happened to me to SAY THANK YOU GOD!
But other than that I didn’t think of God so much.

As I matured, I knew that many people in church came ever Sunday or Saturday evening what ever the case was.
What I observed
then is that it was so routine that they would go through the motions but I felt as if they were just there for appearances.
I saw them looking at their watches as if they could not wait to get out of there.
They were falling asleep.
They would be reading the papers ins the pews,
what ever they could do to stay awake.
I also observed these same people that would come to church would talk bad about others,
they were greedy, jealous, spiteful, vengeful.
Later on I found out the word for that was being a hypocrite.
For their relationship to God was just to put on the show that they go to church ever week and they gave their moneys to help support the church or whatever, so they have done what was expected of them.
This disappointed me so much, that when I had children I decided that I would let them find God with in themselves
instead of pushing my beliefs on them.
I also decided that I would not go to church unless I felt there was a need to be.
I started seeking out what my journey here
on earth was for, where was God, who was God, and what is our connection.
This is what I have found out for myself.
I have found that Jesus is a messenger from God,
placed here on earth to bring the teaching that there is a life after death called the Kingdom of Heaven.
To reach this place called Heaven is to love your self
for that is where heaven and God exists.
By loving yourself you are creating this place called heaven
and loving the creator called God.
We were made in Gods image, therefore we are to be like God.
God is not a hateful, mean God. It is impossible.
God doesn’t cause all this stuff on earth man does.
God is within us, we pull all together when these bad things man has created happens to comfort one another and to love one another this is God.
We do not have to be like those without God in their lives.
We do not have to have the fact of what ever we believe.
In fear if we believe differently that others that they will not come into our stores or our lives.
I mean what if we don’t go in to a store that is owned by Baptist or Catholic and so on…
we would be hurting ourselves for someone and our beliefs.
Stand up for one thing that you LOVE GOD .
and the relationship you have with God is that of purity and love unlimited and forever.
Nothing swaying your belief of Goodness.
Just for a moment think about you relationship with God for that is the truest relationship that you will ever have.
The love of your life.
I mean God would never betray you, God is always with you,
God brings you goodness.
Think of all that you have it has been given to you by God.
I know you maybe down on your luck but did God do that? NO, it was us being human.
Things happen here on earth. People get sick, hurt and even die, but this is part of the scheme of life here on earth is it not?
Review your relationship with God.
Ask this question!
Do I truly love who I am?
For if you don’t something needs to happen for you are a part of God, a large part of God.
In improving the way you feel about yourself the relationship that you have with God
will also improve and you will see the difference it makes.
For God loves you always unconditional and unlimited love.

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