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meditational Journey written

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default meditational Journey written

Post by samijo on Thu Apr 17, 2008 11:57 am

Good morning
I am Sami
I am so happy that you have joined me!
It is a wonderful Spring day.

Today I am going to do something a little different this week.
I am going to take you on a
Meditational Journey!
A place where you can go anytime that you need to get away.
This is my gift to you from within!

Take care that you will not be disturbed.
Make yourself comfortable.
I since you will be reading this: please put on some meditational music, something without words and that is soothing that you can not hum to.
Now you are ready:

Take a deep breath
Breath in through your nose thinking IN
Release the breath
Thinking OUT
Breath IN
Releasing slowly OUT
One more time
Then slowly out
Going deeper into a relaxed state.

There is nothing that you have to do
Except Relax
And let the sounds wash over you
Let your breath carry you deeper
Into your self
The suggestions that you are about to read will
Be received by your subconscious mind
Where they will work
To change your life.

Take long slow deep breaths
Let you breath carry you
Deeper into yourself

You are pure in spirit
You always have been
And you always will be

Inside of you is a place of confidence, stillness and security
A place where all things are known and understood
This is the universal mind
In which you are a part
Where all life exist within you here in your heart and mind
There is utter calm
Which truth is apparent
The out side noise does not exist

Take a deep breath
And release slowly OUT

You have a powerful mind
You are always in complete control
With this powerful mind of yours
If you will
Just for a moment
Imagine with me.
This is a beautiful Spring Day
The sun is beaming down
In all the glory of its being
Imagine yourself walking out into a seasonal porch
Where there is a rocking chair
As you sit in this rocking chair you can feel the warmth of the sun shining in
You can also feel a nice warm breeze blowing through the windows
As you began to rock
With your head resting on the pillow
On the back of the chair
Thoughts began to form in your mind.
These thoughts are positive thoughts
Thoughts of you in control of your life
With this powerful mind you realize that you can be in control
Now just for a moment
Think of all the that you are grateful for in you life.

If something negative comes into your mind
You will simply accept it and let it go
Watching it melt away.
Brining nothing but total calm into your thoughts
With this powerful mind you realize that you are aware of many things.
The birds singing
The breeze that is touching you so lightly
The warmth of the sun
The love that is within you
These feelings are bringing you great comfort
A since of being that you long for
And you realize that you had it all along
Deep within

You decide that at this very moment
You are always going to come back to this place of calm
When ever you want to feel calm, at peace and loved
All you have to do is simply
Close you eyes, just for a second and imagine
Sitting in this rocking chair in the seasonal room coming back to this wonderful feeling of calmness
Where there are
no worries
no stress
just utter calmness
all around you and within you
I am able to do this because I am in control
God gave me this powerful mind in which I can create this moment of calmness
Now just for a moment
Think of all the things that is causing this worry, or stress in your life
One by one identify them
Accept them
Then release them
Take a deep cleansing breath
And watch them one by one melt away

Your breath will carry you to this utter state of calmness.
You are feeling more confident
More relaxed
More loved than you have in along time
For you do not live in the past
Nor in the future
You live in the NOW
Where God is always with you
God is not in the past
Nor in the future
God is within you NOW
As you practice this exercise
It will become easier each time.
Counting back from 3 to 1 you are
Going to come back into full consciousness
3. you are in control of your thoughts, you life
2. feel more confident and relaxed
1. coming up all the way
Being aware of all the sounds around you
Take your time and at you own pace
Become awaken
Realize that you have a place to go when ever you need
To reach that state of utter calmness
Where you can sit and think of all the wonderful things
Within, and around you.
You are a child of God.
We are made in their images
In which we are creators
We can create an heaven here on earth
God loves you and so do I
Be in the now! With God!

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