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Letting it go and Turning it over to God TOTALLY!

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default Letting it go and Turning it over to God TOTALLY!

Post by samijo on Tue Apr 08, 2008 4:07 pm

this is early but I could not wait until Sunday! The video will be up sometime this week. I dont think that we have to wait until Sundays when the word comes to me earlier. Right!

Good morning!
I am Sami!
Thank you for joining with me today!
Today Sermon topic is : Letting Go Turning it over to God Totally!
With that being said please join me with the opening prayer:
Feet flat on the floor palms up on your lap to receive grace.


Letting go…turning it over to God TOTALLY

We all say that “we have let it go”
we have turned it over to God”,
but have we really?
I have observed this even with in my self,
I do not totally released it and turned it over.
Have you, or are you just thinking that you have.
Do you still dwell “think” about what you have turned over?
Do you still talk about it to others?
Then you have not turned it over
are still carrying it with you?
We say that we trust in God
but do we really?
If we trust totally in God
why don’t we just let go
let God handle what is going on?
We long to know,
or be in oneness with the universal mind, “God”
but we resist.
I mean
just think
you don’t have to tell anyone just think.
Do we believe in ourselves
Is God within us?
I ask again
Do we believe and trust ourselves?
How can we totally believe in God
if we do not believe within ourselves.
Yes, WE a part of human
but never the less
we have the Divine with in.
We are spirits
within this human body.
It is the body that is human!
Our spirits are not human.
Now do you see this in a different light.

I think most of you all will agree with me
when I say
that we are on a mission here on earth.
We see our goal right?
Our goal is to perfect through this life.
It is like a man/woman standing in front of an forest
wanting to get to the other side,
you know that you will began
with taking one step at a time.
If you look into the forest and see darkness
IF YOU began to BECOME frightened of the journey that is in front of you
and say “I can’t not do this
you will not perfect. Right?
If you take that first step
you get into the forest THEN
you run into a high hill
you will stop and say I can’t get up that hill.
The results is
that you will go right back to the start.
If you look around and know that you will be guided to the top of that hill by some power larger than you ,
you will have confidence and you will seek TO find the way to climb the hill.
Once on top of that hill
you will feel great accomplishment,
knowing that you have over come a obstacle by having faith within yourself of a higher power.
Using this human body as a tool
you accomplishing this goal.
The journey continues
you may run into a marshland.
You look at it with fears of something being in the water
you stop
you do not know that there is anything in the marsh you are just frightened
you say “I can’t”.
Where will that get you
right back to the start of the forest frightened.
On the other hand
you think I am going to turn it over to a power higher than me
this got me into the forest and over the hill,
I am turning it over to the higher power to guide me through this marsh.
Before you know it you have completed the trip through forest.
Putting you trust into yourself and doing so you put your trust in the divine within.

It is said in Psalm 23rd: “Lo though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for thou art with me.”
God is everywhere you are, always there to guide you.
God forever guides you to each of your conceptions for God
answers in physical reality that which you conceive and accept in your mind.
If you conceive and accept good you will be guided along the most perfect path to its attainment,
no matter how winding and circuitous the route may seem to your limited knowledge.

Thus “Let go and let God” means to trust God, to trust in the perfect knowledge of the Subconscious Mind “the divine within”.
To know whatever paths you travel toward your goals are the right ones.
The only ones the perfect ones, for you have been set upon them by the omnipotent mind of God,
which makes no mistakes and will deliver you safely and prepared at your destination.

“Let go and let God” means to recognize that you do nothing but observe and accept,
whatever you accept is delivered to you by the subconscious mind “the divine within”.
There is no personal responsibility for anything but thought,
for accepted thoughts become manifest in the physical world.

As tolle says:” the world is the dancers”, “We are the DANCE!”

The world was here we came into the world.
We did not come here alone.
We came here with the Divine.
We came here with others that have the Divine with in them.
Think about it.
The Divine is within us NOW…here in the present.
Time means nothing!
For one second ago is gone,
the divine nor we
are there any longer.
We are in the” NOW the PRESENT”.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the center of consciousness.
The kingdom of Heaven is that place of utter calm and serenity within the depths of your soul where your “I” becomes fused with the immortal “I” of all creation.
It is the place where you are no longer the “doer” but infused with the observer,
there is nothing but acceptance with manifests in the physical world around you.
So go into meditation and listen for your tools of positive thinking and trust within.
Circumstances that appear to be negative will cross your path,
that will make you think they will detour you from your journey
but project yourself through it and complete the journey for you are not alone ever.

U.S. Anderson once said. “ Habits of positive thinking, firmly ingrained, strongly built, will sustain you no matter the height of the seas, the strength of the tempest, or the fury of the storm. “Peace! Be Still! Will be your order, and the seas will abate in the face of your faith.

So, when you turn it over please do that! Do not think about it any more or talk of it again. If you are sick accept your illness or hurt. Then turn it over to God, not to dwell on it again. (Talk to you doctor if you are in a doctors care).

The Healing prayer:
Dear Mother and Father God
Bless us that are needing your healing grace.
Encompass us in a warm healing blanket of your love and healing.
Take all the sadness away from those that are sad.
Take all the hurt from those that are hurting.
Take all the loneness from those that feel alone.
Take all the fears from those that are frightened.
Please show us all the path that leads to our heavenly family.
Help us see that you are with in each and every one of us.
Thank you for hearing our pray of healing. AMEN

Closing prayer:

Thank you Mother and Father God
For giving us this time together today and everyday.
When we come together in love we brighten the light so that others
Can find us. For we know that you dwell within these human body’s.
We are your children that love you more that words could ever express.
We know that you are always with us, with that we are able to prefect
Throughout this journey.
We love our heaven parents as we love ourselves and one another. AMEN

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default Re: Letting it go and Turning it over to God TOTALLY!

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 08, 2008 7:23 pm

Hug 2 usually I don't mind waiting, but it was nice to receive the message when it is given! Tip My Hat

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default Re: Letting it go and Turning it over to God TOTALLY!

Post by on Tue Apr 08, 2008 8:59 pm

GO Samijo! Go on preach sista girl! I know I ma not the only one who says we aren't human but have human experience because we have incarnated!
I am not always good an letting go but when I do it works really well. That ties right in to your last sermon of letting go too! Whoo Hoo! Tip My Hat Rock On! The Wave Hug 3

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default Re: Letting it go and Turning it over to God TOTALLY!

Post by CathyO on Tue Apr 08, 2008 9:49 pm

I absolutely loved this sermon and as you know totally ties in with what has happened to me recently. You are a wonderful teacher and preacher and I thank you.
I cried a little because it made so much sense to me.
Great job!

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default Re: Letting it go and Turning it over to God TOTALLY!

Post by samijo on Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:36 pm

God loves us all ...I am so truely blessed to have all of you in my life.

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default Re: Letting it go and Turning it over to God TOTALLY!

Post by in2wish4everpeace on Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:58 am

Thanks for that Sermon Sami Angel 2

Aquarius Goat
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default Re: Letting it go and Turning it over to God TOTALLY!

Post by mamabird37721 on Wed Apr 09, 2008 8:27 pm


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default Re: Letting it go and Turning it over to God TOTALLY!

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