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Post by samijo on Thu Mar 20, 2008 12:42 pm


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Post by in2wish4everpeace on Thu Mar 20, 2008 1:28 pm

I loved it! Your such a great storyteller as well Sami Very Happy Dove Dove Angel Hug 3

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Post by Guest on Thu Mar 20, 2008 1:55 pm

Cross Yes she is isn't she? What a Face Cross

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Post by on Fri Mar 21, 2008 8:11 am

Great Sermon!
I loved it especially the part of the hiding Easter Eggs inside the house! That redoing the Lord's prayer sounds great too!

While I listened as well I thought of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and how he put in the part about faking death by use of substances from plants. I didn't really remember it until now but that has been going on for a long time, with the correct antidote to bring someone back.

When I was younger..LOL, I never did get the thing about Jesus resurrecting and it being a body not a spirit. I always thought something had happened to the molecular structure to allow him to walk through walls.. Duh! and it wasn't until I read Sylvia's book that it made sense and the bible version really does hide the truth. it really is there if you have the eyes to see it. Which I will say I didn't see it or knew I was seeing it. They don't talk about the plan to save him but the drugging was there, the not breaking the legs to make him suffocate was there, and his looking like he died quick in three hours but because of misguided belief I know I thought it was possible. The revision of the writing is apparent too that they make John to be the beloved disciple instead of Mary Magdalene which if you have other modern thoughts make you even question if Jesus could have been gay.... all to have power.... to hide the truth to make spin in order to control. But we know they took him from the tomb as the Jews stated and then folks began the resurrection story which is ok as long as you know the truth. I guess the authority felt the credibility would be great because their Jesus would be better if he seemed fantastic It would take away from a lot of peoples faith until they realize that Jesus was saved , left the area because of the power those in high places had. Pilate's wife warned him Judas did what he was supposed to do and wasn't the bad guy I guess the worst is that the people who did this re working of things in the early and latter on of the church, did the same as the ones who were in power in Jesus time for the Jews and were afraid and wanted Jesus dead. The men of the church re wrote because they wanted to be in power and control others, the very things Jesus warned about.. Back to the track, thanks Samijo for saying clearly Jesus didn't die for our sins in fact he didn't die but was saved in a scheme because religious people in power wanted him dead because they were losing power because he told the truth.

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Post by CathyO on Fri Mar 21, 2008 10:44 am

Great sermon Sami
You are amazing! I loved it. Dove The Wave

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Post by samijo on Mon Mar 24, 2008 9:08 am


Easter Sundays Sermon
by samijo on Wed Mar 19, 2008 2:16 am

Easter Sundays Sermon:
The Crucifixition of Jesus through Gnostic eyes.

Good morning!
The sermon today is going to be alittle different than those before.
I am going to put a Sami Jo spin on it.
The opening pray is going to be the Lords prayer with a couple of new things done to it.
I wrote the healing and closing pray .
With that being said let us began. "Feet flat on the floor and palms up on your lap to recieve grace"


Our Mother and Father who art in heaven.
Hollowed be thy names
Thy kingdom come thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give this day our lessons to perfect
Forgive us of our tresspasses
Forgive those who tresspass against us.
Let us not into temptation but deliver us from darkness.

The story of Jesus's crucifixion
Along time ago back in the days of Jesus
The religious leaders was so upset with Jesus because he was gaining too much power.
Thousands of people were coming from all around to hear the words that Jesus was teaching
about God. He was spreading love and healing the sick.

The religious leaders went to Pilate and told him that they wanted Jesus crucified.
Pilate knew that he had to do something, he told his guards to go collect Jesus and bring
this man to him.

The guard brought Jesus to Pilate and they sat and talked. Pilate wanted to release Jesus for he could
see no reason to kill him. Pilate send Jesus to Herod, so that Herod could make judgment of this man call Jesus.
Herod laught at Jesus and mocked and scorned him. Herod told the guards to take Jesus back to Pilate and tell him
that he did not want his responsiblity of this mans crucifixition.
Pilot was bewildered by this. Pilot told Jesus that he would be crucified the day before the sabbath before dusk.

Jesus went back and told his mother and Mary M. that he would be crucified before dusk the day before the sabbath.
Then Jesus went to have the last supper with the disciples. Jesus broke bread with them and drank wine as if it were
the last time.

The next day before dusk, the guards collected Jesus and took him for his crucifixion.
Jesus was beaten, spat up on, kick, whipped, stoned, it was awful acts against this man that was send from God.

(back in those days people were very very mean! They put people into lions dens to be eatten-they plucked out your eyes-cut off your ears-stone you to death anything cruel that you can think of. We think it is bad today but when in fact it is nothing like it used to be)

Jesus was crowned with a crown of throrns, made to carry this heavy cross through the town to where he would be hung.
He stopped along the way when this woman offered a drink, "I read that it was water with some snake ventim in it." This would make Jesus appear to be dead. I don't know if it helped with some of the pain, I can only pray it did.

Jesus was hung on the cross, the guards was told by Pilate not to break Jesus's legs. "the people that was crucified their legs were broken so that they could not support their weight".
When Jesus appeared to be dead, the crowd disbursed and went their ways.

That night right around dusk the guards took Jesus down from the cross and did not burry him but placed him in a tomb and sealed it with a rock.
Later that night the two Marys came and took Jesus from the tomb carried him into hiding. Where the cleaned and treated his wounds.
Jesus said that he wanted to go see the disciples and tell them of what really happened.

If you could image the look on the faces of the disciples when Jesus appeared at the door.
They were in disbelief. They were shock, they had just watched Jesus murdered and hung on the cross.
He was dead they thought, we are seeing a spirit.
Jesus told them NO IT IS I, JESUS! SEE MY HANDS AND MY FEET! It is I . I am not a spirit!
Jesus could see that they didnt want to believe their eyes, so he asked them for something to eat.
The disciples gave Jesus a piece of fish and honey comb. In which he ate some and gave them the

Thomas was not wanting to believe, Jesus said to Thomas come to me Thomas, touch my wounds, put thy fingers in the wound on my side. When Tomas did, Jesus said to him "becaues thou hast seen me, thou has believed.
Blessed are they who have not sen, and yet have believed. (WOW IS THAT POWERFUL!)

Jesus told the disciples what had happened and that he was going away in hiding with the two Marys to France.
Then he left. This was in the hidden scriptures!
Jesus and the two Marys went to France and lived in hiding and were happy and Jesus and Mary M. had children and the blood line is going on today.

So please do not feel guilt, of Jesus dying for our SINS! It did not happen. Jesus was crucified because the religious leaders was losing power.
I looked the diffenition up for SIN had the religious diffen. for it but right below that it rread "errored" this means that we error. It is wonderful to know that GOD gave us reincarnation so that we can perfect these errors.

This is the end of the sermon today I hope that you enjoyed it, and will remember God only has one commandment and that is "TO LOVE GOD LOVE OURSELF AND OTHERS"....
Have a wonderful day everyone...and if your having rain in your area..hiding those eggs in the house..make a list so that you dont forget where they all are....its not good when you for get those easter me on this one...I have done it...
Happy Easter! God loves you and so do I!

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Post by nwpisces on Mon Mar 24, 2008 2:33 pm

Loved the sermon Sami.

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Post by samijo on Mon Mar 24, 2008 6:17 pm

Thank you all so much! I loved doing it.
I am happy we could come together.
Hope that you all had a wonderful Easter.

Leo Dragon
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