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Akashic Records

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default Akashic Records

Post by Sonnia on Thu Feb 21, 2008 12:55 am

Those who are familiar with me know that I can see the Charts on occasions.

I have since recently was shown a record...What I think are just validations from the Sylvia Browne's Book " The Two Marys " Very Powerful Book...up there with
Sylvia's Book " Mystical Life of Jesus ".

Well, anyway...I got the message today...and it said clearly in bold letters

Magdalene had kids and sacrified herself to the end.

Yesterday, I saw..again in clear bold letters " The torture of making a confession ".

and... " To kill was not comfortable " ... now I was just telling the story to someone earlier that morning and story is how asper " The Two Mary's" the Sanhedrin Priests beat Jesus to try to get Jesus to confess. Seeing that Jesus would not confess under their pressure...They decided to take Jesus to Pontius Pilate the governor and charge Jesus with sedition ... which the punishment would be flogging and crucifixation. Joseph of Arimathea one of the disiples had a plot to save Jesus and bribed Pontius Pilate to save Jesus and make it look like he was killed...Now this make sense as Jesus body was never found...The floggers were told by Pilate to flogg the minium and the men who hung Jesus were instructed to be careful to not nail any of the arteries in his Jesus hands. They also hung Jesus only 3 hours before the Sabbath to ensure that Jesus will only hang on the cross for 3 hours ... Now it takes 6 to 12 hours to die on a cross ... most die from not being able to breathe ... one reason is that they always broke their legs before hanging a ensure that they weren't able to push themselves up for air.
Pliate instructed the men to put a ledge under Jesus' feet in order for Jesus to be able to push him self up to breathe ... Now if we look at the crucifixes..of Jesus they all have a ledge on the bottom ...

Anyway ... my next message received yesterday was " To Kill was uncomfortable "... which I believe was on the minds of the men who were instructed to hang Jesus ... because they all knew he was innocent ... including Pilate ... who had a pyschic wife that had an infused Dream from God were she was told that the Messiah was Jesus ... and urged and pleaded with Pilate to spare Jesus' life ... which he then on that note accepted the bribe from Joseph Of Arimathaea.

So ... I just wanted to share my validations.

Blessings, Sonnia

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default Re: Akashic Records

Post by in2wish4everpeace on Thu Feb 21, 2008 1:30 am

Oh wow Sonnia! God Bless your soul! That is stunning new information.

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