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infussion from God

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default infussion from God

Post by samijo on Mon Mar 03, 2008 7:45 pm

Did you know that the monks shaved the tops of their head so that
they would have a clear path for God to infussion them?

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default Re: infussion from God

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:56 pm

I have read that before....
does that mean bald people get their infusion faster? Giggle
I suppose it could have something to do with "intention"

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default Re: infussion from God

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 03, 2008 10:10 pm

i think i read somewhere (or heard somewhere) that that was the basis for the Hindus to have the little "dot" (I know it has a name, but i can't remember what it is!) in the middle of their foreheads.

Or, maybe i'm thinking of something else...? scratch

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default Re: infussion from God

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